Bitcoin 2.0 Partners With One World Coin, Allowing Coin Holders of Each Crypto To Swap

Bitcoin 2.0 Partners With One World Coin, Allowing Coin Holders of Each Crypto To Swap

By Staff Reporter

Bitcoin 2.0 Partners with One World Coin, also known as the Resistance Coin, allowing coin holders of each crypto to swap or convert some or all of their holdings.

This follows on from recent announcements of Bitcoin 2.0 holders now being able to convert into Qoin, an Australian based crypto with over 38,000 merchants.

OWC is a new Global Currency, that has been created to fund the resistance against the criminal Cabal and Globalists and their deadly Great Reset Totalitarian Agendas, and to take back our country and world back from the dangerous Globalists, it says on their website.

Our World Coin” will help to achieve the funding goals of all the new organisations and others that will be required the “Take back our World” Initiative. It will release a crypto coin, and utilise blockchain technologies, to ensure the honesty and transparency of the new institutions, to remove “keyman” risk and to protect against corruption or hidden agendas.

“Our World Coin” will have a growing ecosystem of many organisations, not only being funded by it but utilising it as a global payment system free from the Central Bankers control.

“Our World Coin” will be listed on selected crypto exchanges early in 2022, and will enable supporters to donate to these critical, not for profit organisations, to help fund the required organisations to, “Take Back our Countries” and to collectively “Take back our World”. This enables everyone to support and benefit from building a better world, by the people for the people, a force for good, it’s website went on to say.

For Bitcoin 2.0 holders, it has been arranged that you can simply convert your Bitcoin 2.0 to OWC to spend as you like at any of their future merchants (expected to be heavily supported by business’s damages from Covid lockdowns and by customers banned from business’s demanding vaccination proof.

You can do this via Bitcoin 2.0 direct simply by emailing them at:

or soon via Bitxchange

A fee applies.

You simply need to also download OWC wallet or Bitcoin 2.0 new universal Bitcoin wallet will be available in the coming weeks and is planned to have OWC available via the one wallet.

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