Bitcoin 2.0 Will Cease Trading Under Its Ticker, Leading Up to Its Buy Out by Truthcoin, Which Lists Under Its TruthPay Brand, on June 30, Including on Two Mid-Tier Exchanges Azbits and Coinbits

Bitcoin 2.0 Will Cease Trading Under Its Ticker, Leading Up to Its Buy Out by Truthcoin, Which Lists Under Its TruthPay Brand, on June 30, Including on Two Mid-Tier Exchanges Azbits and Coinbits

By Staff Reporter

Bitcoin 2.0 will cease trading under its Ticker, leading up to its buy out by Truthcoin, which lists under its TruthPay brand, on June 30, including on two mid-tier exchanges Azbits and Coinbits.

It will de-list off Bitxchange by the end of May 2022, and halt trading on Azbits and Coinbits some weeks before June 30 list date.

This is very positive for Bitcoin 2.0 as Truthcoin has a much larger user base and is behind the fast-growing censor free social media apps and launching its own PayPal/ Stripe style TruthPay app that combines both crypto and fiat. Plus, the plan is for the truthcoin to become a form of internal currency across the  social media platforms and external merchants. Users will be able to part pay for products and services with crypto to more businesses after more customers but don’t wish to accept full payment with cryptos but are happy to accept part payment. This enables users to utilise the currency more easily and access user group discounts.

As mainstream media dies, Truth Group and its platforms rise. Alternate independent media and alternate social media is booming. Every billion in market cap they lose is for the Truth Group to gain.

An array of Truth Group new apps designed to replace the major social media networks under the one brand the “Truth” Brand created by the “Truth Group” include TruthTweet (a Twitter alternative), TruthTok (a Tiktok alternative), TruthTube (YouTube alternative), (a censor-free search engine), TruthGram (Telegram alternative) TruthInsta (Instagram alternative),  TruthMeet (zoom like conferencing), TruthApps (WhatsApp alternative) and TruthChat (a messenger alternative), all designed to be censor-free, and with many being designed, so that a post to one, can be sent automatically to many.

Some of the Apps are launched already, such as the alternative to Facebook with tens of thousands of users already posted over 100,000 posts in its short time since soft launch, with many becoming available soon.

Truthcoin is the currency behind Truth Group new apps, and it will be listed on selected crypto exchanges in late May 2022 to enable supporters to help fund this critical and much-needed alternate social media platform. Truthcoin set to launch its payment system TruthPay and list early June on Crypto Exchanges as TruthPay and TRP as its Exchange Ticker.

Truth Coin is a large supporter of independent media and “Take back Our World” objectives, and it launches its Pre ICO ahead of June listing.

Truthcoin’s Pre ICO Round 3 is now open at just $0.08 cents, a fraction of its set listing price of $0.20 cents USD on Mid Tier crypto exchanges, Coinbits and Azbits, in June 2022.

To qualify one must donate a minimum of $1000 USD, up to a maximum of $25,000 USD per person or entity. However, for $10,000 USD, or higher donation amounts, you qualify to receive Truthcoin, at just $0.04 cents. Round 3 will be at $0.08 cents, a massive 60% below it’s scheduled list price on exchanges come June 30th, 2022. Truthcoin donation offers details: Check out

What does this mean for Bitcoin 2.0 holders ?

It means before TruthPay June 30 listing, you will be issued Truthcoin wallets and crypto.

When can I trade it?

Bitcoin 2.0 holders can trade it after the 90-day escrow period, from the list date, as part of purchase terms.

Can I buy more Bitcoin 2.0?

You can buy off exchanges whilst it is still listed.

Can I buy Truthcoin?

You can access its Round 3 Pre ICO currently at $0.08 cents until May 15, then $0.12 cents June 1st,  and a list price of $0.20 cents June 30. After that, you can buy at the daily trading price.

Can I sell my bitcoin 2.0 before it de-lists?

Subject to volume yes.

Bitcoin 2.0 holders have cashed out tens of thousands of dollars of Bitcoin 2.0 across multiple exchanges in the last 9 months, but it’s suggested to sell in $250 or $500 tranches, to increase the chance of your order being filled first.

Some exchanges have more buyers than others, or when large sell orders are dumped, it can crash the price. So it’s best to set a  minimum sell price to avoid getting sold out too cheaply by opportunistic buyers, who submit lowball buy orders waiting for “flash crashes“ caused by dumpers.

What about my default interest if I chose that option?

That will be honoured for all Bitcoin 2.0 holders.

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