Crypto currency is the future.

Crypto currency is the future.

By Jamie McIntyre

Bitcoin was the biggest F .. you coin and soon Bitcoin 2.0 and others will

Bitcoin was the biggest F .. you coin and now Bitcoin 2.0 and others soon will be .

I support crypto as it doesn’t answer to our corrupted Governments and our collapsing western society built on the scam of  “fiat currency” and central controlled bankers federal reserve banking debt based system. The more they print the more one should shift to crypto (some gold and silver won’t hurt either). But many of us are hedging also, not just in Bitcoin but in alt currencies including Bitcoin 2.0

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Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology are the bright future for humanity indeed because it´s the first time in history we have a decentralised currency! I´m all the way IN! ?


Agenda 21 is in full swing. Don’t you think that the government will create its own digital currency so they have control? They don’t want competition and Bitcoin is clearly competition. Don’t get me wrong, I believe in BTC and hold some but I think the government is going to ban it and the value will come crashing down (more)

All this video proves is you literally have no idea what you’re talking about. Other than being the first crypto, Bitcoin is useless, outdated technology. The majority of bitcoin mining is controlled by China! The only reason the price is or will get high is because of the marketing program from main stream media which seems to have totally brainwashed you. Proof of work doesn’t work! What you should be talking about is a crypto with real usage like XRP. It’s just a matter of time before XRP overtakes Bitcoin in marketcap.


Now is the time to start a funeral business ?


Bitcoin was created by DARPA and will replace cash as the digital currency.


Good one Jamie!! Keep up your great work!! Thankyou!??❤️


I want to trust it but like most things today; technology in the wrong hands can dash our hopes by a flip if the switch??‍♀️


Great video .. I have bought 3 types of fuck you coins in the last two weeks ?. I’m learning slowly about crypto currency and only buying what I can afford to lose for now.


Keep up the good work Jamie ?

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